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My journey in the digital realm began a few years ago, and since then, I’ve been on a relentless pursuit of mastering the art of web development, enjoying every step of the process. I’m very passionate and dedicated to my work. I will create the website you have imagined and I will guide you so that you have a dynamic web presence.


My Projects

Welcome to my portfolio, a collection of my web development endeavors.
Feel free to reach out if you're ready to  transform your digital presence.


What I Can Do for You

Elevate your online presence with my comprehensive web development services. Let’s collaborate to turn your ideas into reality and create a website that leaves a lasting impression.

Web Design & Development

Creating visually appealing and functional websites from scratch or revamping existing ones, focusing on user experience, responsive design, and overall aesthetics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Implementing strategies to improve a website’s visibility in search engines, including keyword optimization, meta tags, image size and site structure.

Maintenance, Support & Training

Providing updates, bug fixes, and tech support to ensure websites remain functional and up-to-date, as well as training on managing the CMS platform.

Web Hosting & Domain Management

Assisting clients in choosing suitable hosting providers, setting up domains, and configuring servers for optimal website performance.


What My Clients Say

Don’t just take my word for it! Hear from those who have experienced my services firsthand.

My experience with Theo was excellent. He immediately understood the image I wanted to convey and accurately translated the aesthetics onto the website. Our creative collaboration, willingness to listen and improve, and the professional outcome exceeded my expectations. I would collaborate again without hesitation!
Vassilis Papaefstathiou
Civil Engineer
My collaboration with Theo was exemplary, with impeccable communication and prompt response to all my requests. He combined my ideas with his own expertise to create a unique and impressive website that manages to capture the visitors' interest. I am completely satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend his services!
Letta Petroulaki
Peiramatiki Skini Kalamatas
I am absolutely satisfied with the result of the website created for me by Thodoris Mallosis, which fully meets my needs and reflects my professional identity. Thank you very much for the collaboration!
Vasileios Soumplis
Eye Surgeon
I am thrilled with my website! Theo highlighted my uniqueness online. The collaboration was so enjoyable that I thought about paying him with chocolates! I highly recommend him!
Marina Lantzouni

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Aristomenous 75, Kalamata 24 131


+30 6973 384660

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